1. Viral Chains generates hits to your website for as long as you find new people to viral chains. It doesn't stop there, you also get hits from your referrals and referrals of your referrals!
  2. First, click on site one and view for 5 seconds. Next, click on site 2 and view for 5 seconds. Then click on site three and view for 5 seconds. You're almost done! Now just enter the website that you would like to show to others in the space provided and press submit.
  3. Your link will appear in the last box. Just share that link with others and you will get near infinite hits to your website! Your link can be shown in traffic exchanges, safelists, etc and it will appear just like the page you viewed sites from.
  4. As outlined in the terms, spamming is against the rules. Don't use offensive material in viral chains because others will not pass your message on. Any hate, porn, gambling type material is against the rules of use. Use common sense in choosing what to advertise.